Sarcam Winding Wires Inc. Sarcam Winding Wires Inc. was founded in 1977 by Yusuf Canpolat in İstanbul. From its establishment onwards, the company has specialized in the production of flat & round copper and aluminium conductors.More
Sarcam CatalogueOur catalogue, related Sarcam Bobinaj and Transformer Wires Co., can be reached via link below. You can see all the details of our products and company from our catalog. Please contact us to learn more.
Weekly LME Average Value
Copper: 8.692,50 USD/TON
Aluminium: 2.470,60 USD/TON
May 2022
Copper: 9.362,81 USD/TON
Aluminium:  2.826,36 USD/TON
LME Exchange Rate
LME Exchange Rate 1,0522 (€ /$)